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Dr. Bootstaylor - Award-Winning OB/GYN and Perinatologist Bringing Birth Back

Episode Summary

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor is an award-winning OB/GYN and perinatologist in Atlanta - committed to providing the best birth options and advocating for shared decision-making in the delivery room!

Episode Notes

Dr. Brad Bootstaylor is an award-winning double board certified OB/GYN and perinatologist of See Baby practice in Atlanta. With C-section rates skyrocketing and a higher focus on reducing maternal mortality, Dr. Bootstaylor has been a beacon of hope for mothers and families who want a better birth experience. He gives great advice on advocating for yourself as a mother and owning your own power as someone bringing life to the world. He has been life-changing for me as he supported the birth of my second child.

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Dr. Bootstaylor Ranked Top Doctor in Atlanta for the 9th Year in a Row

Questions to Ask Your Birth Provider;

  1. Does your Provider believe your pregnancy is normal, despite any co-existing medical problems that can i managed expectantly & safely?

  2. Does your Provider believe you can go into spontaneous labor after the EDD (estimated date of delivery) while monitoring your pregnancy safely?

  3. Does your Provider listen to you?

  4. Does your Provider discuss your concerns with you like an adult?

  5. Does your Provider encourage a "patient centered" approach to labor support (e.g. Doula, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding)?

  6. Does your Provider support "Birth Options", despite some not being available at the facility of choice?

  7. Does your Provider support and encourage VBAC, which is consistent with ACOG recommendations?

  8. Do you feel comfortable and well informed after speaking with your Provider?

  9. Does your family, friends, or acquaintances support your Birth Options?

  10. At or near term, do you sense a "change" in your Provider's temperament towards you?

Each "yes" answer = 10% and the probability of having a safe, empowering, and life-enhancing vaginal birth. Only a Provider with a score of 100% = the birth you envision, and not a delivery that they may expect.

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